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21 Dec 2017

Surprise Travel, Yes or No? Our Take, in Ozy.com

Would you choose a honeymoon not understanding anything about it, destination intended by somebody else and unknown? “Travel to Nowhere/Anywhere” seems to be a thing for a few wealthy Brits, who are registering for the service from a UK luxury travel planner, that needs a $1,500 prepara

18 Dec 2017

Honeymoon Advice from Travel Pros

We were tickled pink when U.S. News & World Report Travel requested us to participate in a honeymoon-themed Twitter chat, alongside pals from Destination I Do and The Knot, and travel pros from Budget Travel, TravelZoo and more. Some great suggestions and fave spots were highlighted, so in the

Key Suggestions for Selecting the Ideal Honeymoon Spot
5 Aug 2017

Key Suggestions for Selecting the Ideal Honeymoon Spot

As a honeymoon planner, queries come with the job. They require some form of the following: Where should I honeymoon? What is the best honeymoon place? What’s your honeymoon spot? I love sharing my knowledge, gained by years of firsthand  journey around the world as wedding-mag editor and a

23 Jul 2017

Honeymoon Travel Hint: A Word Concerning Online Reviews

The honeymoon travel suggestion of today is all about reviews. Most of us use them, and also also the websites that showcase them can be great! But they can also be misleading, as this Yahoo Travel article attests, alleging that Airbnb scrubs reviews from their sites. TripAdvisor was fined $ 600,0

26 May 2017

A Word About Black Friday Travel Sales

The Internet is loaded this weekend, and it will continue through the holiday season. Sites from Expedia to major hotel chains are promising savings this year. Exactly like shops, online businesses lure you in using great-sounding deals, such as 50% off hotel stays–but the price is only valid

Travel Visas Made Simple
18 May 2017

Travel Visas Made Simple

Thank  you Conde Nast Traveler for calling among our online travel applications: Passport Index out. This website lets you easily search   around the world for travel visas entry policies. Click on  the cover of your passport that is specific nationality, and you’ll find the score. Cli

18 Feb 2017

Honeymoon Travel Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Take It Slow

I love talking to couples about travel. A number of them are enthused about the honeymoon than they are about their weddings! That may seem strange to wedding planner and their in-laws, but I totally get it, as an avid traveller. But here’s a travel tip: Your honeymoon is an extremely importan

Fantastic Advice from Honeymooners
26 Sep 2016

Fantastic Advice from Honeymooners

We love hearing about honeymoons, and one of our fave spots to take action as at Destination 42, run by our friend (and fellow former magazine editor) Sarah Carrillo Riswick. She features real honeymoons on her site, and recently went though and pulled a few of her favourite tips from their expertis

15 Sep 2016

Travel Tips: Do I Need a Passport to Fly Domestic?

There’s been a lot of news of late about the expiration of driver’s license regulations for New York, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Minnesota and American Samoa. In a nutshell, here’s the issue: The Real ID Act was enacted in 2005 to ensure security protocols that are better for flight