The Very Best, lightweight luggage that is chic
16 May 2017

The Very Best, lightweight luggage that is chic

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Why does something fun have to be so awful? I am talking luggage. Every time I start searching for a new one, and I go through a bag every couple of years, it’s an ordeal. Most cases are  either really plain, quite expensive or designed for  teenagers   (in case they’re in colors outside basic black and blue). I figure I am not the only one with this issue, so I thought as I look for my summer luggage I’d show you my thought process supporting this shopping choice.

Steamline Correspondent Stowaway


I am a travel writer by trade, so the name Correspondent tugs at my heart strings. And the vibe is cool; I really like the retro detail, and punchy white and orange — just one of my fave color combos. This suitcase would seem as good as it would, decorating my office a hotel room.


I love all cheery, the interior and stripes. Like wearing a fun bra under a outfit, it is  — your fun little trick. So here’s the bad part: It’s heavy. Dimensions are  just      23 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches, and it weights 11.2 lbs — which is over the hand weights I exercise with!   More weight on the framework means less fat so not ideal if I wish to avoid hefty luggage fees that are overweight when I overpack.   So as much as I adore Steamline, you, not this time.

Lipault Paris 4-wheeled packing case   

lipault paris

I first saw this little number in Healdsburg in a cute store. The secret is the substance.   It’s also  foldable, which is very good if I’m in a cruise cottage that is cramped or want to tuck it.     It’s nice and roomy  in  28.3 x 19.3 x 10.2 inches, but made  of nylon twill, which keeps it light — that one is only 6.6 pounds. I love the color, cheery and easy to put on a baggage carousel.

lipault paris interior

The interior is one big compartment, with no bulky  inserts and dividers. I prefer a divider but can do without if it’s a suitcase.     My real problem is that the color. I wear a lot of black, particularly when I travel. When I’m digging through my suitcase in a dim hotel area, I could see this tote being a problem.   So it’s a no-go for now, but I will give it a try if they revisit the color.

Rimowa Salsa Air Multiwheel


This leads us to the Salsa Air of Rimowa. Again,  good name: love to eat so it works on two levels and I like music. It’s sturdy and comes in a array of  colours. But hard sides are con to me personally because you can’t enlarge when you overshop on the road (it happens a lot). That said, hard sides keep your possessions protected when your luggage is tossed around in the baggage compartment, so perhaps that’s a wash. This one is 26.8 x 17.5 x 10 inches and super light:  just  6.4 pounds.


The interior is fairly, with pockets and liner.   I like anything that keeps me organized when I travel, as I’m usually moving resorts every other night and also do a lot of “OMG it’s checkout time already?” packing.

Salsa Air by Rimowa, cute light luggage

It comes in these colors! I like the lime but believe purple will hide scratches and dirt somewhat better.   So Rimowa it is! Now I just need to wait til it goes on sale…


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