A Return to Classic Caribbean Luxury, and Cap Juluca
12 Sep 2017

A Return to Classic Caribbean Luxury, and Cap Juluca

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When I was brand new to traveling writing, I got an invitation to go to Cap Juluca hotel. I had no clue where Anguilla was precisely, but’d heard of Cap Juluca due to the celeb fan base (Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, Bill Gates…the list goes on…). At the time, I had traveled, but in a school budget-type way. That trip was an eye-opener to what a luxury hotel experience could be, and in some ways set the path for where my life goes. I’ll never forget sipping on a welcome glass of champs on this beach; my first experience using a in-room massage, which spoiled me for spas; and that gorgeous   toilet, which kicked off a love for resort design  that continues to this day.


Cap Juluca went to mixed reviews in the intervening years, through some ownership changes. So I was thrilled when I heard it back at the hands of the original proprietor, who conducts it with passion. When I went back it was just like revisiting an old friend — the kind you haven’t seen in years but immediately reconnect with. And I’m happy to report that the luxury quotient is a high as I recalled.

The resort is made up of whitewashed villas, lined up on a curved stretch of shore. Like most of the Caribbean, the beach is public, however since this is the only hotel on it, it seems deliciously private.


The lobby is as pretty as I recalled, with a Moroccan-style chandelier that is gorgeous. Cap Juluca’s Moorish layout comes from the owner’s individual preference, but caught on throughout the island and you’ll see it embodying Anguilla take on Caribbean chic.



Rooms are bright and airy, with a terrace that overlooks the ocean , area and tile floors. Some guests swear by the ground floor, where you can walk right out towards the shore, but I enjoyed the solitude of being on the floor, a bit removed from it.   I slept so I could fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves, with my doors open.

Jr. Suite looking in


As I recalled, the bathroom was as fabulous. In addition rainshower and the soaking bathtub, it has  an open-air, walled  solarium using a chaise couch, which means that you can soak up the  sunshine completely sexy.


Cap Juluca has included some frills since I had been there namely, a two-bedroom villa with its own private pool, the stunning Jonquil Suite. It is perfect  for honeymooners seeing solitude and space, and yard and the swimming pool deck are perfect if you wish to rent it such as a supper, for small events.



Stunning is the master bath, with none but two tubs. I could stay in there for hours!


Cap Juluca has two  of the greatest restaurants in the Caribbean. Whenever they have live music spice is a Moroccan-style tapas restaurant and bar, ideal for sunset. On the stones, Pimms is right next door, further out for a supper. A candlelight dinner with fresh fish, a fantastic bottle of wine and waves crashing on the rocks underneath you — that’s the definition of romantic Caribbean dining in my book.

Spice mid seating


Of course, they do dinners on the beach, as simple or as complicated as you desire. Cap Juluca is a superb spot for destination weddings, due the privacy of the beach, however  I also love it to get family birthday getaway or a more compact anniversary trip — any trip in which you would like to unwind, slow down and reconnect with no distractions.


Cap Juluca provides a full slate of activities: windsurfing, water skiing, Hobie cats, tennis with the expert or snorkel excursions on their vessel that is private. However, for me, what’s so great is the low-key vibe. You feel like you  have to wake up early to save lounge chairs, or to remain busy all of the time. Cap Juluca is the opposite — you do not feel like you have to do anything. Consider it  older, in the best possible manner: quiet, serene and beautiful, which is authentic luxury in my book’s Caribbean. And ooh, that shore…

Cap Juluca


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