26 May 2017

A Word About Black Friday Travel Sales

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The Internet is loaded this weekend, and it will continue through the holiday season. Sites from Expedia to major hotel chains are promising savings this year. Exactly like shops, online businesses lure you in using great-sounding deals, such as 50% off hotel stays–but the price is only valid for travel through January, or you have to pay in full today and incur hefty change fees which offset your savings if anything needs to change. Also rates show the image, excluding hotels fees and taxes which may add 25 percent or longer, and usually set you in cruise cabin or the room type, leaving you looking for a more expensive upgrade.

We love a good sale, as our shoe closet will attest. And we always keep a look out for deals, particularly for packages or airfare. (Southwest and Virgin offer great savings during the year.) But when something sounds too good to be true, odds are it usually is. Most travel sites use sales to get people in hopes they will book outside of the sale. They’re looking out for themselves, not you.

Our two cents: flash earnings can be great If you’re looking for an getaway. For an investment trip like a high-end honeymoon, a multi-stop itinerary or for class travel like a destination wedding, skip the sale and work with someone who can help you find the best deal for your journey, together with the very best service and room picks.  


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