6 Feb 2018

Booking The Best Flights: Contemplate The Connections

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All of us love a nonstop flight, and it’s certainly the way. But more often than not, your flight (especially long-haul) will involve a connection somewhere. So when planning, it is not only about taking a look at your departing airport, but at which you’re connecting.

There are some red flags for example, if you are flying in winter, try to steer clear of connections. But airports known for flaws are another factor. New York’s JFK is undergoing runway resurfacing, which means at any 1 time they will have just three of their four runways functioning this summer. That airport is known for flaws, so expect even more during summer from April, especially if the area experiences.

Does this mean you should JFK this summer, or Chicago in winter? Not always plan by padding your connections with time for flaws, in the event of delays. Better yet, book your flights (especially long-haul!) With a travel planner who can help you rerouting you in the event that you run into trouble. We charge a ticket, which includes that service together with researching the best routes and fares. It is well worth it when  you run into trouble and can call someone rather than linking the mad throngs lined up ten deep in the ticketing desk.


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