31 Jul 2016

Dirty Little Secret About Hotel Rates

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We have worked in media for decades, so here is a little trick: Those room rates you see recorded about hotels at the end of travel stories? They’re deceiving. Since it makes the resort seem accessible to more individuals, most mags utilize the lowest rate at low season due to their copy.

Which means that, yes, you could be able to get a room at that Caribbean resort for this rate of $299. But chances are it will be the lowest-category area in the house (NOT the one pictured in the article), and in the lowest season of the year, together with the worst weather. (In the Caribbean, this is also referred to as hurricane season.)

Want to stay in the room pictured in time? Insert a couple of hundred bucks at least — and that is before taxes and fees!

The same thing occurs with online booking websites. That hotel for 200 Euros in Florence? Put on your actual dates and it’ll probably be more — then proceed to pay and you’re going to see the cost, including VAT tax, city tax, country tax and service charges, which can easily add another 20% or more.

We know that the BEST customers are knowledgeable clients. And we’re passionate about finding the very best EXPERIENCE, which crosses multiple variables: cost, surely, but also destination, hotel, room category and positioning, additional extras and special attention from the team  — intangibles that go far beyond the price of a hotel room you saw listed in this magazine article.

We care about that, too, obviously…that’s why we want you to understand what it actually means!


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