23 Jul 2017

Honeymoon Travel Hint: A Word Concerning Online Reviews

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The honeymoon travel suggestion of today is all about reviews. Most of us use them, and also also the websites that showcase them can be great! But they can also be misleading, as this Yahoo Travel article attests, alleging that Airbnb scrubs reviews from their sites. TripAdvisor was fined $ 600,000 in courts to the end, and was accused of testimonials, also.

I am not saying that either site does those things. However, on a personal note,   I have been to so-so hotels with reviews. And I’ve been to honeymoon resorts that have less-than-stellar reviews online.

My advice is to utilize review websites. Read them They are a great way to get insight on a hotel, see guest photographs, and learn about things that you might or might not want  to be on the watch for.   However they should not be your end-all determining factor 1 piece of this travel mystery.

Why? Some business pay PR pros to write reviews to enhance evaluations — and write reviews that are negative to sabotage competitors. Totally not permitted, but it does not mean it is not done. And by people who don’t have the identical flavor as you, raves can written about the negative that was legit; people who are never happy about anything can write complaints. (We all know the type!)

That is why I  travelbetter. I want to see items and make sure that I can stand contrary to the areas we recommend. When I haven’t been to a specific resort, I reach out to my community and double-check it. Same goes with the  other companies we work together: car solutions, tour companies, restaurants and the like. It takes more time on our end to do the research that is excess, but the proof is in the results. And that is the best form of review we could have!


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