16 Jan 2018

Honeymoon Travel Tips: Time Your Flight Right

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I travel a lot — averaging once a month for the previous 15 years, as I check out resorts and destinations for honeymoons and destination weddings.   Which means I have come up with a lot of travel survival strategies that are small along the way, which I’ll pass on to you as honeymoon traveling tips.

For most of us, flights would be the worst part about travel. That’s why one of my strategies is currently reserving one of the first flights of this day, whenever possible. Why? As the afternoon advances, airline delays begin to collect. So if you are booked in a day or evening flight, chances are it is on a plane that has performed just one or two legs daily already. And any flaws that plane encounters during these flights that are prior  will add up to more delay on your end. And delays lead to missed connections overnights in airport hotels that are arbitrary — I have completed all of them and they’re not fun.

Meanwhile, in case your plane got into your airport the night before, as the flight crew had considerable time to prep it it’s ready to go the next morning — normally on time, and nicely cleaned.

I don’t love the haul to the airport, but getting up early means there’s a chance I’ll nap on the plane — I believe that bonus #2, as nothing makes a flight go than sleeping through it!

And that I get to my destination so I will get my bearings and also a sense of where I am — incentive in my book while it’s still light outside.


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