22 Apr 2017

Vietnam and Cambodia Honeymoon in Destination I Do

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As a luxury travel planner, I try to see as much of the planet as I can, so that I can share my perspective that is on-the-ground . This is key in more exotic areas, where language and culture is different from that which we possess the hemisphere. So I was thrilled to share some recent scouting trip together with the fab wedding mag, Destination I Do.   No additional magazine specializes in love travel they way that they perform, from destination weddings to honeymoons — it is a joy and a privilege to be able to share my passion together.

The story was to experience a river cruise along the Mekong Delta of Cambodia and Vietnam. I was not certain how I felt about river cruises as a honeymoon choice; most of them don’t provide you. (I typically recommend them  more for birthday, anniversary or multi-generational excursions) But this river cruise — from Viking River Cruises and sailing across the Mekong Delta between Vietnam and Cambodia   — has been something different. A lot of interior and Cambodia Vietnam is rural with infrastructure that is not-great, and travel by water could allow us see more sights and to get around faster. In Addition, This Specific itinerary included overnights  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Hanoi, and Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Which means couples  do some dining and exploring what a honeymoon is all about and may slip away in the audience! And I wanted to visit Cambodia, so it turned out to be a win!

Ta Prohm temple, out Siem Reap. Photo by Perfect Lazybones/Shutterstock

I came away with a revised opinion on river cruises for honeymoons, following two and half a week exploring. They are not for everybody–you dine at tables along with other guests at each meal, and the cottages are not super-private. And they move a whole lot, so you must abide by some else’s schedule of going and coming. However, like most of cruises, they’re so simple, which is nice after a hectic season. And if you combine it with some time at hotels on land, where you can get your alone repair, it turns into a great combo of lonely time and sightseeing time, often for much less than it might cost if you did the excursion a la carte with the same stops. So it felt romantic, our boat had only 28 cottages, and it had a gorgeous covered deck with lounge chairs and a pub, perfect for carrying in the shifting coastline when we were.

Courtesy of Viking Cruises
Courtesy of Viking Cruises

As Cambodia and Vietnam, I adored every minute exploring these fascinating countries. Siem Reap, Cambodia was aI might have spend a complete week just researching temples every morning until the heat kicks in, hanging out there, and taking in the great dining, shopping and hotel scene. The gentle Buddhist civilization warmed my heart, as did the country’s optimism and generosity, especially poignant  in the face of their recent past of genocide.

Monks strolling in Phnom Penh. Photo by Oleg D/Shutterstock
Monks drifting in Phnom Penh. Photo from Oleg D/Shutterstock

Vietnam was a feast for the senses, by the exhilaration of trying to cross some scooter-filled streets of Saigon along the Mekong Delta to the splash of fisherman. Along with the meals!! We were able to explore restaurants in addition to join the group for bookings.

A fisherman capturing the bounty of the Mekong River. Photo by Shutterstock/Simon Dannhauer
A fisherman shooting the bounty of the Mekong River. Photo from Shutterstock/Simon Dannhauer

You may read more about the trip in the Spring 2017  issue of Destination I Do, as well as my friend Harmony Walton’s adventure sailing the Greek Isles about a Windstar sailing vessel. And if you are interested in traveling  to book a river cruise or Southeast Asia, let’s talk!


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