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21 Dec 2017

Surprise Travel, Yes or No? Our Take, in Ozy.com

Would you choose a honeymoon not understanding anything about it, destination intended by somebody else and unknown? “Travel to Nowhere/Anywhere” seems to be a thing for a few wealthy Brits, who are registering for the service from a UK luxury travel planner, that needs a $1,500 prepara

View our Top Travel Must-Haves on Twirl New York
23 Aug 2017

View our Top Travel Must-Haves on Twirl New York

Whether you travel or once per week, it is essential to be comfortable on the road. After all, if the journey is the destination, you want the travel for a good one! Iwas so exited when among my magazines, Twirl New York, asked me to discuss my travel solutions, and’ve picked up quite a few [&

See Our Travel Picks I Do!
1 Aug 2017

See Our Travel Picks I Do!

Pardon my second, but I had been so   eager to visit my bookstore and see the issue of Destination I Do!   I travel a lot, scouting for clients and writing about marriage spots and honeymoon for magazines. Destination I Do is among my favorites; they discuss my undying passion for traveling,

22 Apr 2017

Vietnam and Cambodia Honeymoon in Destination I Do

As a luxury travel planner, I try to see as much of the planet as I can, so that I can share my perspective that is on-the-ground . This is key in more exotic areas, where language and culture is different from that which we possess the hemisphere. So I was thrilled to share some recent […]

23 Feb 2017

Destination Wedding Accolades on Virtuoso

I’m  tickled pink at this meeting on Virtuoso.com using a recent customer. Honeymoons are not all we do, although our name is Your Honeymoonist. I love doing so; I have knowledge in my experience and it feels good to put this to use with clients! People ask me how it works, and I don’

16 Aug 2016

Watch Our Honeymoon Tips on Little Talk. Significant Moment!

We love so naturally we are huge fans of Wedding Paper Divas! This stationery provider that is fantastic makes saves-the-dates and invitations super-easy with a ton of templates that you can personalize online by incorporating details anything you want! Upload the design and they will do the rest,