21 Dec 2017

Surprise Travel, Yes or No? Our Take, in Ozy.com

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Would you choose a honeymoon not understanding anything about it, destination intended by somebody else and unknown? “Travel to Nowhere/Anywhere” seems to be a thing for a few wealthy Brits, who are registering for the service from a UK luxury travel planner, that needs a $1,500 preparation fee/$30,ooo per person minimum. We were flattered to be asked about it by one of our fave websites, Ozy.com.

While I love reading about this kind of thing   in Afar magazine’s “Spin the Globe” attribute (they send a traveling writer someplace with no advance notice, and they must make do on the fly once  they get there), I’m not sure when I would do it myself.   To me, the trip is a collaboration, getting the dreams and wishes of customers and adding  our travel knowledge to find the fit of destination, style and budget. The client goes someplace they’ve always dreamed of — such as A & C who wanted to encounter sunset in Santorini and did combined with Mykonos and Athens. Other times we will suggest of, and they jump at it; that S & L are likely to Belize.

As for me, I want to understand where I’m going before I journey, or how else will I know what to pack? Not to mention, anticipation is part of the fun.


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